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04 August 2012 @ 05:21 pm
Montenegro U, a mythological RP on IJ  

montenegro u.

In order to survive, you must evolve. Following this end, many great deities, lords of old, beloved goddesses, angels and demons, wizards, witches, knights, tempestuous beasts of legend, have come to adapt to the changing world around them. They have become a part of the changing society, an integrated part of the mortal world. Some may be forgotten, but never erased. They live on in the real world as reincarnates, roaming among us. As society continued to put stories of the past behind them, more and more reincarnates of old gods emerged.

Eventually these reincarnates became a staggering fraction of the society. And they were noticeable, different, from everyone else. People hated them, feared them, and in some cases, attacked or imprisoned them. Amidst the paranoia a group of reincarnates emerged to form an institution to protect, defend, and to gather their fellow community members. Their goal was to create an organization focused on teaching and making a life for all reincarnates.

Montenegro U is a PB-based mythological game on InsaneJournal revolving around a fictional college town and school in Colorado where mythological reincarnates are accepted or hired to work. We're a small, close-knit community of roleplayers and we strive to provide for you an interactive, creative, drama-free forum for playing your favorite mythological characters.

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