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05 March 2015 @ 11:17 pm
Continuum: Who And More RPG [ Mature ]  
The Master Will Put a Smile On That Face. I love this Oh my gosh it looked so wrong to have the Jokers voice coming out of the Master XD This is so good 3


Continuum is something akin to Lost, albeit set at the mercy of a pseudo Deity called ..  Q.
Q, as any of you who know Star Trek are aware, is a mercurial, charming, and utterly maddening being who is part of the Q Continuum ..  which is both a race and a place. The Continuum World is more of a Reality, really, think ' anything you want ' and you pretty much have it.
Q has set himself up a massive 'Test Case' in which he hopes to show the Continuum just what these creatures of the Created worlds really can do. Therefore he has a world within a beaker, as it were, an immaculate looking Island paradise surrounded by a gorgeous blue lagoon worthy of any tropical fantasy.
Within the jungle and beyond, there lurks  ..lions, tigers and bears. Oh ...my. Creatures from other worlds ..  dire predators. Perhaps the odd dinosaur here and there. Horses ..  to be caught, broken and ridden. Anything Q dreams up for that day, or week, or month. He must fully test out his subjects ...Food may be had from the trees, the lagoon, there are many sources. It all must be caught, grown, or gathered..
There is no power source.
There is no mech.
There is no tech.
What can these teams - ever growing, as Q adds more - do to survive, thrive, and stay alive ?  And it isn't just fun and games. If a predator kills one of them, they die, and Q will restore them a total of three times --- then three strikes and you're OUT. Your soul goes to wherever your species has its afterlife, and you're done, OUTTA HERE!  As the umpire says.
There's more ..  it isn't just a human proclivity to compete, to out do, to rule and over take all others. Five groups is nothing less than five clans, five nations.
War is possible.
Perhaps each Team will have their own Sigil, flag or banner that denotes - I BELONG TO --   possibly they will find a way to tattoo their own with their own markings.
The Island itself is called .. different things by the Teams. They are, after all, introduced separately. As Q tosses them in, they are already denoted for whatever Team they are intended for. However, defections will happen. Treachery, backstabbing, betrayal. But it isn't all bad, isn't all negative. There will he heroism, ethics, morals, common decency, the rule of Law ..  it will all happen, one way or another.
And one more thing ...
YES ..  you are being graded.